D ACM Station

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Version: v2.1 © 1999 Leeb Andreas
Price: Free
Settings: Output format: 44.1kHz 16-bit stereo
Similar products: used to test ACM codecs.
Verdict: Good
VBR: Some
Full file: Always
Major Flaws: Some VBR files don't decode fully
Minor Flaws: Presence of ID3v2 tag causes decode to fail
Output level: n/a
1-bit relative accuracy: n/a
1-bit absolute accuracy: n/a

ACM station is not an mp3 decoder. It is a program that allows you to encode and decode files via the codecs installed under the windows ACM. In our test, it appeared that ACM station couldn't handle certain VBR files (see the VBR test) for more details). This could be attributable to the ACM codecs themselves, however, the ACM 1999 codec is also used by Easy CD Creator Deluxe. When writing a CD, this software correctly decodes all VBR files using the ACM 1999 codec, whereas ACM station failed to decode certain VBR files with the ACM 1999 codec. Therefore, the fault appears to be in the ACM station software.

In our tests, ACM station often forget or ignored the options set in the "Destination Format" dialogue box. However, it was a useful tool in evaluating the decoding performance of the ACM mp3 codecs.


  1. The Destination format dialogue box included sections for setting the sample rate and bit depth of the decoded file. This could be useful when you wish to convert an mp3 recorded at a non-standard sampling rate into a CD compatible 44.1kHz wavefile. However, the resampling quality was no better that achieved by CD writing packages that resampled on-the-fly.


about ACM station v2.1
About ACM station 2.1

How to decode mp3s using ACM station
Animation showing ACM station being used to decode some mp3s.

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