PD Cool Edit Pro mp3filt GNU demo plug-in

Decoder Source: Syntrillium (no longer available)
Version: old demo 1? © 1998 Syntrillium
Price: free
Settings: 16-bit, 16-bit with dither, and 32-bit.
Similar products: Based on the code from "maplay" version 1.2.
Verdict: poor
VBR: Some
Full file: Always
Major Flaws: Audible low frequency errors in some files, loose end of some VBR files
Minor Flaws: 16-bit mode: 1-bit accuracy; other modes: none.
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: good
1-bit absolute accuracy: 16-bit mode: Fair; 16-bit+dither mode: Excellent+; 32-bit mode: The best!

This is another file filter for Cool Edit Pro that allows you to load mp3s into the package. It uses a slow decoder, written a few years ago, when mp3 was less popular, possibly based on the ISO source code. It contains a number of decoding bugs, and often produces audibly incorrect decodes (see the objective sound quality test results for details). VBR files are often truncated, by up to 90%! It offers the options of dithering the output, or decoding to 32 bits. These two modes offer excellent accuracy down to the last bit, but are unusable due to the bugs in the decoding algorithm.


MPEG input options
Cool Edit Pro mpeg3.flt demo plug-in MPEG input options

Mpeg3.flt loading an mp3 file
Mpeg3.flt loading an mp3 file

Readme file

MPEG Layer 3 (and 2 and 1, and MPEG 2) decoder for Cool Edit

Based on the code from "maplay" version 1.2.  See mp3.c for more details.


If you used our other MPEG  filters (MPE.FLT and MPG.FLT) you should
remove MPG.FLT and use this decoder (MP3.FLT) instead.

Full source code for this filter can be found at www.syntrillium.com.

Also included in this zip is an updated COOLACM.FLT with the option to
save as raw data.  If you have an MPEG Layer 3 codec on your system,
you can save audio as .mp3 by using the "ACM Waveform" format, and
choosing MPEG for the format, and check the box to write raw data only.

(c)1998 Syntrillium Software Corporation

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