D Cool Decode

Decoder Source: http://quinqsoft.tripod.com/
Version: v2.0 © 1999-2000 QuinqSoft
Price: Free
Settings: none
Similar products: none
Verdict: Fair
VBR: All
Full file: Never
Major Flaws: Audible glitches near start of every decoded file
Minor Flaws: High frequency errors, low level accuracy
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: Good
1-bit absolute accuracy: Poor

CoolDecode is a stand-alone mp3 decoder. It offers a windows explorer-like interface where you add files to the decoding list, then click decode.

CoolDecode has three problems. The first, and most serious, is that it decodes the first 100ms of the file twice. This means you'll hear a glitch in your music just as it starts. Unless all your mp3s start with silence, this bug alone makes CoolDecode unusable.

Cool decode also make slight high frequency (mainly above 15kHz) errors when decoding real music signals. It also has marginal low level accuracy: the low level sine tones in the LSB test were more noisy when decoded by CoolDecode than by any of the good decoders.

In conclusion, Cool Decode is decidedly uncool for decoding mp3s.


CoolDecode 2.0 main screen
Cool Decode 2.0 main screen. Select some mp3s, click the Add button, then click decode.

CoolDecode decoding some mp3s
CoolDecode decoding some mp3s

About CoolDecode v2.0
About CoolDecode v2.0

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