D mp3 decoder

Decoder Source: HPL Software http://ehoffman.simplenet.com/hplsoft/
Version: v1.41 + v1.45
Price: $10 shareware (no nags)
Settings: none
Similar products: not known
Verdict: Terrible
VBR: some
Full file: Always
Major Flaws: Destroys audio below 700Hz on left channel
Minor Flaws: that's enough!
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: Fair
1-bit absolute accuracy: Fair

mp3 decoder is a stand alone mp3 decoder (cunning product naming here!) It's shareware, and a program that's grown out of someone programming the thing out of interest, not for profit. However, it has the most serious decoding bug on test. It's not subtle. Many mp3 files of real music will be audibly ruined by this decoder. The following signal is a 100Hz sine wave, encoded using CEP FhG, and decoded using mp3 decoder.

mp3 producer destroying 1 channel of a 100Hz tone

The top trace shows the left channel, the bottom shows the right. THEY SHOULD BOTH BE THE SAME!!! It's worth noting that mp3 producer doesn't do such drastic things to every mp3 file, just many of them. It also crashes at the end of attempting to decode some VBR files, so if you've placed one in the middle of a list of files to convert, it won't convert the rest. If you're using this software, stop!


mp3 decoder in use
mp3 decoder in use

about HLP soft mp3 decoder
about HLP soft mp3 decoder

decoder version
decoder version

decoder dll version 1.44
decoder dll version 1.44

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