D Mpeg DJ GoWave!

Decoder Source: Xaudio http://www.xaudio.de/pages/gowave.html
Version: 1.30 © 1999-2000 Sahin Tepe
Price: free
Settings: none
Similar products: Xaudio.de (not to be confused with Xaudio.com - different company!) provide a range of mpeg tools.
Verdict: Good
VBR: All
Full file: Always
Major Flaws: Occasional large high-frequency errors
Minor Flaws: Low level accuracy
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: Fair
1-bit absolute accuracy: Fair

MpegDJ GoWave! is a stand-alone freeware decoding utility. Browse to your mp3 files, drag them into the job list, and click Decode to Wave.

MpegDJ GoWave! occasionally makes large high frequency errors. For 1/100th of a second, it will fail to decode any frequencies above 16kHz. This is beyond most people's hearing, but may be audible to some people. This problem occurs during test signals and real music. The following plots show the onset of a burst of noise. In the top plot, l3dec correctly decodes the noise up to 21kHz. In the bottom plot, MpegDJ GoWave! fails to decode frequencies above 16kHz at the onset of the noise burst.

l3dec correctly decodes the start of a burst of white noise
correct decode by l3dec

high frequencies missed by MpegDJ GoWave!
MpegDJ fails to decode frequencies above 16kHz at start of noise burst (black area centre top).
Horizontal scale=samples Vertical scale=frequency

The high frequency errors made by MpegDJ GoWave! are potentially more serious than those noted with other decoders since they occur with most signals, and affect large amplitude (i.e. loud) frequency components.

The other problem with MpegDJ GoWave! is that its low level accuracy is questionable. The sine waves used in the Least Significant Bit test were present when decoded by MpegDJ, but they were distorted and more noisy than those decoded by the correct decoders.

In Conclusion, though MpegDJ GoWave! copes well with all mp3 files (it never crashes), it cannot be recommended due to high frequency and low level errors in its output.


MpegDJ GoWave! in use
MpegDJ GoWave! in use

About MpegDJ GoWave! v1.41
About MpegDJ GoWave! v1.41
Yes, I know, it says 1.30! But the download, installer, and main page say 1.41.

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