Decoder Source: CeQuadrat http://www.cequadrat.com/
Version: v3.60.420 © 1992-1998 CeQuadrat GmbH, Germany and CeQuadrat USA Inc.
Price: I used an OEM version - current price: $59 (approx)
Settings: none
Similar products: There is a more recent version available (not tested)
Verdict: Poor
VBR: none
Full file: Sometimes
Major Flaws: Can't handle VBR files; 100Hz bug
Minor Flaws: 128kbps files have slight 15kHz+ error on both channels; end clipped off some files
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: Excellent
1-bit absolute accuracy: Excellent

WinOnCD is a CD writing package from CeQuadrat. It contains an audio editor, and some useful audio restoration software. You can drag mp3 files directly into the track list, and they will be decoded on-the-fly as an audio CD is written.

Unfortunately, WinOnCD can't handle any VBR files. Any attempt to drag a VBR mp3 to the track list is unsuccessful - it is just ignored. WinOnCD also exhibits the 100Hz decoding bug with lame encoded files. 128kbps files from other encoders have a slight (probably inaudible) error around 15kHz with real music signals. The following plot compares an mp3 file, encoded by Cool Edit Pro and decoded by lame (correctly) and WinOnCD (incorrectly).

WinOnCD high frequency error
WinOnCD decode compared with a correct decode: instantaneous spectrum of a real music signal.

For these reasons, WinOnCD version 3.6 cannot be recommended for directly writing mp3 files to audio CD.


WinOnCD 3.6 in use
WinOnCD 3.6 in use

About WinOnCD v3.60.420
About WinOnCD v3.60.420

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