PD Cool Edit Pro MP3 me plug-in

Decoder Source: Syntrillium http://www.syntrillium.com/
Version: v1.0 © 1999 Syntrillium
Price: $29 (free demo available - 1 minute / 30 day restriction)
Settings: none
Similar products: Code sourced from FhG.
Demo mp3 decoder CEP GNU is completely different.
Verdict: Good
VBR: Some
Full file: Sometimes
Major Flaws: Loose end of some VBR files
Minor Flaws: End of some files clipped by a few samples
Output level: correct
1-bit relative accuracy: Excellent
1-bit absolute accuracy: Excellent

The mp3 capability provided for Cool Edit Pro by this plug-in is licensed from FhG. This includes a file filter that allows you to load mp3s into CEP, manipulate them, and save them in any supported audio format (In this test, we used Windows PCM .wav). When working, it produces identical output to Winamp v2.22 and the ACM 1999 codec.

Unfortunately the Cool Edit Pro plug-in chops a significant portion off certain VBR files, and also clips the end off files produce by FhG mp3 producer pro (the industry standard). If Syntrillium fix these bugs in the future, they will have a perfect decoder.


  1. Version 1.1 of this plug-in has the same decoding problems.
  2. The encoding capabilities of the MP3 me plug-in were also used in this test. The same routines are probably built into Cool Edit 2000 (untested), available for $69.


Cool Edit Pro MP3 me plug-in loading an mp3 file
Cool Edit Pro MP3 me plug-in loading an mp3 file

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